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🧐 What is Mercado Livre Search Scraper?

This scraper scrapes product information from all the search results pages on Mercado Livre for any given keyword. You can supercharge your brand's pricing research with this tool by monitoring the search results page for the products sold by your brand and your competitor brands.

⬆️ Input


⬇️ Output

CSV containing product information for all products on the search results pages

🎯 Use case

  • Get a birds-eye view of the competitive landscape for any product category on Mercado Livre
  • Understand the pricing strategies of other sellers
  • Identify potential opportunities to improve your own product listings

✅ How to use

  • Collect keywords for the products or categories you want to analyze.
  • Sign in to console, navigate to scrapers
  • Create a new job with platform "mercado_search" and input the keywords into the text area
  • Optionally you can add a webhook URL to get the results when the scraper completes running. Zapier or may be helpful for this.
  • Download results from scraper jobs dashboard

💾 Result