Wayfair Product Scraper

Scrape product data including dimensions and specifications for any product on Wayfair.com

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🧐 What is Wayfair Product Scraper?

This scraper scrapes detailed product information, including specifications and descriptions for any product page on Wayfair that you provide. It is the only scraper for Wayfair that also scrapes the Dimensions and Specifications for the product listings.

⬆️ Input

Product URL

⬇️ Output

CSV containing detailed product information

Note: The URL should be a product listing on Wayfair. For example:

  • Correct: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/gracie-oaks-alvarado-52-wide-velvet-2-seater-straight-sofa-w004306979.html

🎯 Use case

  • Track price changes for products on Wayfair
  • Monitor product descriptions and features for competitive research
  • Extract product dimensions and specifications

✅ How to use

  • Collect URLs for the products you wish to track.
  • Sign in to console, navigate to scrapers
  • Create a new job with platform "wayfair_detail" and paste the URLs to the text area
  • Optionally you can add a webhook URL to get the results when the scraper completes running. Zapier or Make.com may be helpful for this.
  • Download results from scraper jobs dashboard

💾 Result