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Scrape all reviews for any businsess listing on Yelp with our no-code app or via API

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🧐 What is Yelp Reviews Scraper?

This scraper scrapes all reviews for any business listing on Yelp that you provide. You can supercharge your brand's competitive research with this tool.

⬆️ Input

Business URL

⬇️ Output

CSV containing reviews and reviewer details

Note: The URL should be a business listing on Yelp. For example:

  • Correct:

🎯 Use case

  • Get a sense of customer sentiment by analyzing the reviews of your competitors on Yelp
  • Discover what customers like and dislike about businesses similar to yours
  • Identify areas for improvement in your own business based on competitor reviews

✅ How to use

  • Collect URLs for the businesses you wish to track the reviews for.
  • Sign in to console, navigate to scrapers
  • Create a new job with platform "yelp_reviews" and paste the URLs to the text area
  • Optionally you can add a webhook URL to get the results when the scraper completes running. Zapier or may be helpful for this.
  • Download results from scraper jobs dashboard

💾 Result